Who Can Teach Phonics?

When we suggest that parents can help their children learn to read better through the use of phonics, it is not unusual to see an immediate reluctance. You can almost hear their thoughts... “Who, me? I’m not qualified. I’m not a teacher.”

If that is your thought, we have good news for you!

If you can read, write, and speak English, YOU can help someone learn to read.

All you need is a desire to help; a teachable heart; a little time; some patience; and a good phonics-based program!
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If you still have doubts about your ‘qualifications,’ let us ask you a few questions:

Who taught your child to walk? to talk? to feed himself?
to dress herself? to name the animals?

You did!

Did you receive special training to accomplish these amazing feats?

Of course not.

You taught from years of experience.

So, as we said earlier, if you have experience speaking, reading, and writing in English, then you have valuable knowledge that you can apply to the subject of reading. With a little study and a good phonics-based reading program, you can use what you know to teach someone to read from the start or you can lend support to those who may have weak areas that hinder their success in reading.