Questions & Where to find the Answers!

1.   What is phonics?

2.   Why is phonics so important for my child when he or she is learning to read?

3.   Are there keys to success in teaching phonics?

4.   What do learning styles have to do with reading?

5.   Who can teach phonics?

6.   I want to use phonics to help my child learn to read or to help my child read better.
Where do I start?

7.   What are the phonics steps?

8.   What do the phonics charts look like?

9.   What resources do you recommend?

10.  Can I download your charts?

11.  Do you make money based on your recommendations on your site?

12.  Who are you and why is this site here?

13.  What are chanotees?

14.  What if I speak Non-American English?