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People who are good at their jobs have the right tools to do things- quickly, efficiently, and stree free! But without the right tools...things can be much different.

cartoon man thinking.

What if your class is reading aloud and it is your
turn to read next. Your topic is about...

Could you pronouce this word

Could you pronounce this word?

Would you know what it means?

You probably can’t read/decode the word because you don’t have the right tools!
  (To decode the word, you would need to know the sounds made by the letters ú and ð.)

And unless you decode the word, you won’t know what you’re reading about!

And without knowing what you’re reading about, your comprehension will suffer!
  (along with your self-confidence and your motivation to read)


When you don’t have the right tools, you can feel...

When you do not have the right tools, you can feel frustrated, panicked, aggravated, embarrassed, or maybe hopeless and ready to give up or give in.

These are some of the negative feelings that can arise in children who don’t have
the tools they need to read well!

But when we teach phonics...

  1. Children have the tools they need to decode words.

  2. And when they are able to decode words, they can
    understand what they are reading about.

  3. And when they understand what they are reading about:

    •   reading anxiety diminishes
    •   confidence improves
    •   comprehension improves
    •   fluency improves
    •   spelling & grades improve
And the result is a successful transition from learning to read to reading to learn!

And just so you know: The word "súkkulaði" is Icelandic for "chocolate."

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