Phonics Step 6: Practice blending long vowels with consonants
using Chart 6.

Goals: In step 6, the primary goal is smooth blending of the long vowels with consonants using
blend charts.

Practice, working toward smooth, quick reading. And remember, Steps 5 and 6 are taught together!

Step 6: How-To Ideas

A blend in this step is the combination of a long vowel + a consonant. As in Step 3, students will read the blend charts with the goal of quick, smooth blending.

Also, as in Step 3, you will need to have blend charts that include all of the consonant-long-vowel blends. They are easy to make if you have the time. If you don’t have the time, Abeka Books sells a My Blend and Word Book as well as individual Blend Ladder sheets that cover all of the sounds. For more information on Abeka Books, see our Links page. We recommend Abeka resources because we have used them for over thirty years with success.

Blending: A long vowel + a consonant header.

Blending: A long vowel + a consonant Reminder.

Long Vowel Blending Practice: A vowel + a consonant header

remember to practice the sounds in varying order!

Reading Alert!

BEFORE you progress to Step 7, your child should have mastered:

  • short vowel sounds
  • long vowel sounds
  • consonant sounds
  • vowel & consonant blending
  • marking short & long vowels

This completes our Step 6 ideas. Now let’s move on to Step 7.