Phonics Step 8: Introduce the special sounds that are made
when letters “sticktogether using Charts 8-18.

Goals: In step 8, the primary goal is to learn the various letter combinations that create their
own sounds using Phonics Charts.

Since there are many letter combinations that create their own sounds, we use Phonics Charts to keep the lessons moving in an organized sequence. A systematic phonics program will include charts that cover the 44 sounds that are created by these letter combinations.

Step 8: How-To Ideas

Charts 8-18 can be introduced in the same manner as Charts 1-7. Students should be introduced to each chart in its entirety. Then they should begin to read each chart, saying the sound of each letter combination and then reading the clue word that follows the sound.

The more practice you provide in reading the sounds through the use of stories, magazines, books, etc., the faster your student will master the sounds on each chart. Systematic phonics programs will include activities and worksheets that will reinforce the sounds. There are also many interactive sites on the web that offer practice through games and read aloud stories.

Do not worry if the phonics program you select introduces the sounds in a different order from our charts. We have provided the charts as examples for you. There is no right or wrong order for the introduction of the sounds once students have mastered the basics covered in Steps 1-7.

For those of you who prefer to design your own program, we recommend the use of either Abeka’s A Handbook for Reading or Noah Webster’s Reading Handbook for use as a basic text. Using one of these, in addition to our charts, will ensure that you cover all of the phonetic sounds. [Please see our Terms of Use for guidelines regarding the downloading of our charts and other resources.]

To see Charts 8-18, please see our Phonics Chart page.

And now, we say to you, You made it through all 8 Steps!

We hope our steps have given you a thorough understanding of how students learn to read through phonics.

Thank you for your time and interest.   With your help, after completing the Charts through Step 8, your child should possess a solid reading foundation along with the confidence to read whatever he or she desires! And these are gifts from you that will last them a lifetime.